Make India free of manual scavenging!

Piyush Arya Despite the constitution abolishing untouchability in the country, I am asking you, people, do you shake hands with them? The answer is no. That is the way we are going... Read more »

Millions of orphans in India lack basic facilities required for survival

BY N. LOTHUNGBENI HUMTSOE  There are millions of orphan children across India, who lack the basic facilities required for survival. Having lost their parents at a very young age, they are not... Read more »

Caste, Poverty and Child Marriage

By Gazal Malik and Kratika Choubey Maheswari and Kavita who migrated from Bellary to Mandya district of Karnataka, also known as the “Sugarcane City”, had just returned from a sugarcane farm located 2... Read more »

COVID-19 impact makes world question UN’s ability to protect human rights

By Christopher Johnson Defending human rights, a key mission of the United Nations, it seems, has never been harder. A global pandemic has deepened inequality, pushed millions out of work and seen... Read more »

130,000 tribal children work in cottonseed production in Gujarat

A recent survey, carried out by the Centre for Labour Research and Action (CLRA), a civil rights organization, of cottonseed plots in Danta taluka of Banaskantha district has claimed that tribal children... Read more »

Hathras victim’s family fighting its battle amidst feudal-casteist environs and politics

A fact-finding report, prepared after its recent visit to Hathras, has said that ever since the gruesome grangrape incident in Uttar Pradesh on September 14, the victim’s family has had to fight its... Read more »

Tap water in whole of Sikkim by 2021

BY RAJNISH SINGH  Bordered by Bhutan, Tibet and Nepal, India’s northeastern state Sikkim is all set to provide tap water connection to all its households by the end of next year, a... Read more »

How Samerth Trust projects empower the tribal community in Kawardha district of Chhattisgarh

By Gazala Paul, Pankaj Mishra When 14 families from areas surrounding Chorbhatti village under Bodla block in Kawardha district of Chhattisgarh decided to settle down at Amlidih hamlet in 2002, their status... Read more »

25 million people worldwide are victims of labour and sex trafficking

By Kieran Guilbert Human traffickers are capitalising on the coronavirus pandemic to target people ranging from jobless migrants to out-of-school children, two United Nations specialists said, warning that the fallout from COVID-19... Read more »

The Hathras rape and its cover-up is a foretaste of Hindutva in full flow

By Oliver D’Souza Have no doubts, not that you should have any by now. Uttar Pradesh (UP) is not a state run on the basis of the Constitution of India, but by... Read more »

Sexual harassment of millions of poor women in India’s informal sector remains invisible

By Annie Banerji From lewd comments to demands for sex, women working in India’s vast informal sector rarely report sexual harassment for fear of losing their jobs, labour rights campaigners said on... Read more »

It is time our parliament and parties take caste discrimination seriously

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat Supreme Court’s order allowing the three accused of abetting murder of Dr Payal Tadavi namely Hema Ahuja, Bhakti Mehare and Ankita Khandelwal to complete their medical studies is deeply... Read more »

Dalit women remain at bottom of social ladder facing everyday discrimination

By Priyanka Samy On a humid day in October, 1929 in a village in southern India, a girl was born to a young Dalit couple. Soon after her birth, her parents took her outside... Read more »

Pandemic could spawn 115 million “new poor” globally

By Sonia Elks Extreme poverty will rise for the first time this century as COVID-19 hammers the global economy, the World Bank said on Wednesday, predicting the pandemic could spawn 115 million... Read more »

Informal workers urge PM for financial aid to help prevent risky borrowing, human trafficking and child labour

By Anuradha Nagaraj Informal workers in India urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi in a petition on Tuesday to grant emergency financial aid to protect them from loan sharks and labour traffickers as... Read more »

Over 10,000 women from all over world seek justice for Hathras gang-rape victim

BY QUAID NAJMI  Over 10,000 women, feminist groups and rights activists from all over the world on Sunday got together to seek justice for the Hathras gang-rape victim as the case has... Read more »

India is one of the world’s most dangerous places for women

By Saurabh Sharma India’s federal police will investigate the alleged gang rape of a young woman in northern Uttar Pradesh state whose death sparked nationwide protests, the local government said in a... Read more »

Hathras Horror: NAPM call for strong actions

By National Alliance of People’s Movements The brutal rape and murder of yet another dalit woman in Hathras, Uttar Pradesh has sent shock waves across the country. Tens of thousands of people have... Read more »

Dalit MPs behave as foot soldiers of the Brahmanical order

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat In Gujarat, a young Dalit activist lawyer Devji Maheshwari, belonging to the Backward and Minority Communities Employees Federation (BAMSCEF) was killed in Surat, allegedly by a goon who was warning... Read more »

Death of 8 year old boy triggers demand to fight debt bondage, slavery

By Roli Srivastava The death of an eight-year-old boy whose parents worked as bonded labourers has triggered demands for authorities to crack down on thousands of other suspected cases in nearby villages... Read more »