Demand for the release of intellectuals is integral to people’s struggles

By Press Release The intellectuals whose release we are demanding are those who have stood firm against the oppressive and communal attacks waged by the Modi government on Indian society. They have... Read more »

India is a rich country with multitudes of starving and half-fed men, women and children – Vidyarthy Chatterjee

By Vidyarthy Chatterjee Contrary to what she is often made out to be, India is not a poor country. Rather, India is a rich country, the majority of whose people are so poor... Read more »

Voices of dissent growing louder and louder in UP Congress – Amita Verma

BY AMITA VERMA  The Congress in Uttar Pradesh is in shambles and knives are out for party General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, who has ‘failed to keep the party together’ in the... Read more »

What Obama has to say about India, Manmohan Singh… – Arul Louis

BY ARUL LOUIS  Former US President Barack Obama unleashes the West’s worst stereotypical picture of India as a country with “all-too-pervasive” violence and politics revolving around “religion, clan, and caste” in his... Read more »

The irrelevance of being the Indian National Congress – Anindya Banerjee

BY ANINDYA BANERJEE  On Monday, 10 MPs from Uttar Pradesh and one from Uttarakhand were elected to the Rajya Sabha unopposed. In Uttar Pradesh, the BJP fielded 8 candidates including Union Minister... Read more »

India triggers its own narrative on raiders in Kashmir – Ahmed Ali Fayyaz

BY AHMED ALI FAYYAZ   On the sidelines of a symposium, the exhibition depicted The Treaty of Lahore, The Treaty of Amritsar, The Popular Will of 1947, Economic Blockade of Kashmir, 1947 —... Read more »

Dalits V/S Bahujan

By SR Darapuri For quite some time now, the word ‘ Bahujan ‘ has been used in politics instead of Dalits. According to the promoters of the Bahujan concept, the Bahujans include Dalits... Read more »

It is more important than ever to uncover the violence of the system, and its failure to secure getting justice for victims

By Gayatri Suman, Shobharam Gilhare, Divya Jaiswal, Hemlata Pradhan, Rajendra Kumar Banjare, and Tendon Kumar Sahu As lakhs of people take to the streets to demand justice for Manisha Valmiki, and the... Read more »

More and more mothers and children will keep getting undernourished unless India prevents them from getting to that stage – Siddhi Jain

BY SIDDHI JAIN  Indias public health and nutrition efforts are differentiated by an enterprising early start going as far back as 1975 with the beginning of Anganwadi centres and Integrated Child Development... Read more »

Judiciary system, police and media are reluctant to accept presence of caste angle in Dalit atrocity cases

By Akash Sulochana It is not surprising when Police, judicial system and mainstream media deny the existence of caste in Hathras rape case. This practice of denial is a historical, ritualistic and expected... Read more »

Where is Mayawati when Dalits face crisis and atrocities? – Amita Verma

BY AMITA VERMA  Every political leader who has even the tiniest stake in Uttar Pradesh politics, was seen making a beeline for Hathras in the past one week after the death of... Read more »

Madhya Pradesh assembly bye-elections may well be a triangular contest – Sandeep Pauranik

BY SANDEEP PAURANIK   The Assembly bye-elections for 28 seats in Madhya Pradesh will not be a direct fight between the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the principal opposition Congress. Instead it... Read more »

Bihar Election: What the recent crossovers from one alliance to another indicate – Rahul Vatsa

BY RAHUL VATSA  Leaders changing sides before an election is not an unusual scenario in India. In general, such crossovers are by politicians who miss out on securing a candidature from their... Read more »

Will lockdown wipe out lifestyles built over 30 years?- Saeed Naqvi

BY SAEED NAQVI  The ancient Indian protocol for social distancing is embedded in the lines my yoga guru, from the famous ashram in Monghyr, Bihar, taught me: “Chaar miley, chausath khiley, Miley... Read more »

Antecedents of anti Muslim bias in media

BY SAEED NAQVI  There have been many but let me cite just two reactions from the family to Justices D.Y. Chandrachud, Indu Malhotra and K.M. Joseph’s utterances restraining Sudarshan TV from telecasting... Read more »

A Dalit woman’s reflections on feminism

By Swati Kamble I have had the privilege to learn from a diverse group of active individuals and communities from marginalized locations. These interactions have pushed me to think further and critically.... Read more »

“Ram temple is not going evoke reverence in me for Ram residing in the new abode; he would continue to remain within me”

By Dr Satish Misra India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s laying the symbolic brick at the foundation laying ceremony of Ram temple which became possible after the Supreme Court judgement last year that... Read more »

Dalit politics should take a radical agenda and adopt pro-people and socialist politics

By SR Darapuri Till now Dalit politics / Dalit movement has been limited to saving reservation in government jobs only and Dalit leaders have been considering gaining power as the victory of... Read more »

Gandhiji’s ideology an impediment to national security

BY UDAY MAHURKAR It is very clear that Gandhiji’s contribution has brought immense dividends to India on the international stage. On the national platform, his model of social service and Swadeshi, his... Read more »

A delusion that our lives were better during the Cold War? – Saeed Naqvi

BY SAEED NAQVI Pictures of unrelieved despair everywhere on TV and, that too, in the course of an extended house arrest (lockdown), does leave one, to use Faiz’s words, with “pain where... Read more »