Uttar Pradesh tops the list in hate crimes against Dalit

More than 200 alleged hate crimes, including 87 killings were reported in 2018 against people from marginalized groups, especially Dalits and Muslims, a new report by Amnesty India shows. About 65% of the crimes were against Dalits. Uttar Pradesh registered the highest number of such incidents for the third consecutive year.

This new report released on Tuesday which was documented by Amnesty India’s interactive “Halt the Hate” website in 2018. The ‘Halt the Hate’ website documents alleged hate crimes against people from marginalized communities, including Dalits,  Adivasis, members of racial or religious minority groups, transgender persons and migrants.

The website documented a total of 218 incidents in 2018, 142 of these were against Dalits, 50 against Muslims, and 8 each against Christians, Adivasis, and Transgender. There were 97 incidents of assault and 87 killings were reported.

Forty incidents were reported where women faced sexual violence. Out of 40 such incidents,Dalit women were victims in 33 cases.

Of all the states and union territories, Uttar Pradesh reported to have the highest number of hate crimes at 57. Fifty incidents were reported in the state in 2017 and 60 incidents in 2016. Gujarat, with 22 incidents, and Rajasthan, with 18 such cases, came next on the list.

“The first step to ensuring justice and ending impunity for hate crimes where people are targeted because they belong to a particular group – is to highlight their occurrence,” said Aakar Patel, head of Amnesty India.

The website documents alleged hate crimes from September 2015, when Mohammad Akhlaq was killed in Dadri, Uttar Pradesh, for allegedly killing a cow. It has documented 721 incidents of alleged hate crimes since then.

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