Rajasthan has become a living hell for Dalits

Rajasthan, Dec. 5 Renu Meghwanshi is no stranger to fighting against Dalit atrocities. She might be contesting from the Congress now, but prior to this, she was instrumental in taking cases of Dalit atrocities to an international level.

In 2015, she was at the forefront in one such case from Dangawas village in Nagar District where three Dalits were crushed under tractors by members of the Jat community.

As the head of the state unit of the women’s wing of the Congress, Meghwanshi is now trying to bring the voices of the Dalit community especially women to the mainstream.

Aas Mohammed Kaif of TwoCircles.net spoke with Renu Meghwanshi. The following are the excerpts:

Could you tell us a little more about the Dangawas atrocity incident and the struggles you had to go through?

Let me start by saying that it was one of the most shameful cases of atrocity against Dalits witnessed in Independent India. On May 14, 2015, about 350 people from the Jat community came to the village in over 30 cars and bikes.

A Dalit family was working on its land which the Jats wanted to capture. The Jats attacked the Dalits in ways one can’t imagine: an elderly man’s eyes were gouged out with a burning piece of wood, women were hit in their private parts and three people were crushed under a tractor while dozens were left severely injured. And despite the police having information about the same, they chose to do nothing.

But it was due to our struggles and fight against the Vasundhara Raje government which wanted to shield the perpetrators that the matter reached the United Nations.

Finally, a CBI inquiry was initiated in the case.

However, the truth is that much before CBI came into the picture the local police had gone out of its way to remove evidence in the matter.

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