Man out on bail in atrocity case assaults stall owner

Source: Ahmedabad Mirror

Jan 13, Victim had set up an eatery stall at the place from where the accused’s stall was removed after his arrest; accused had been arrested earlier for severely injuring a Dalit youth

A man, out on bail after being arrested for mercilessly thrashing a Dalit youth in Sabarmati three months ago, was arrested again on Saturday, this time for attacking another person in the same area. The accused, Mahesh Thakor, who has as many as four cases of assault lodged against him in Sabarmati area, was accused of criminally intimidating an eatery stall owner in drunken stupor.

Mahesh had severely thrashed Pragnesh Parmar, Jayesh Vaghela and two others on November 3 last year. Parmar had to be hospitalised with serious injuries. Mahesh was subsequently arrested. He was released on bail 15 days ago. However, on Saturday night, he was again arrested by Sabarmati police for threatening to kill Vijay Thakor, a larri owner who had set up shop at the place from where Mashesh’s larri has been seized after his previous arrest.

On Saturday night, Vijay, who runs a soda shop and mobile eatery near Sabarmati toll naka, lodged a complaint under sections 506(2), 294(b) and 323 of the Indian Penal Code

(IPC) for criminal intimidation, uttering obscenities and assault against Mahesh.

In the FIR, Vijay stated that Mahesh is a local goon named in several cases of assault at Sabarmati police station. He pointed out that Mahesh was involved in thrashing of a Dalit youth in November, the video of which had gone viral. At that time, the attack had been termed as Una-2 by independent MLA Jignesh Mevani.

He further stated that at about 8 pm on Saturday, the accused went to the soda shop and asked him to shut down his mobile eatery business. When Vijay refused, Mahesh allegedly uttered threats to his life and began upending tables and chairs, causing a damage of about Rs12,000.

It was only when the police came and arrested Mahesh that the situation came under control.

Speaking about the incident, Vijay said, “This man is a nuisance and there have been cases against him filed since 2003. However, he gets bail every time and then starts his anti-social activities again. He is trying to run a protection money racket in this area. Police should book him under PASA.”

Speaking on this, ASI Balvant P Rohit said, “On Saturday, he went and allegedly assaulted the owner of the food larri that had come up after his business was shut down due to his arrest. We have placed him under arrest and sent him to jail.”

An officer said, “This man is a regular offender. Several cases have been filed against him at Sabarmati police station. He got bail just 15 days ago from the sessions court in the case of assault of four Dalit youths in the same area in November.”

Sabarmati PI RH Vala was unavailable for comment.

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