Constitution ST (Amendment) Bill is only for political mileage

Kokrajhar, Feb 02: Bodoland Janajati Suraksha Mancha (BJSM) on Friday reiterated that the proposed Constitution ST (Amendment) Bill, 2019 was not for constitutional need but purely for political need of political parties in Assam. The president of the BJSM Janaklal Basumatary in a statement said that ST reservation was provided to the weaker section of the communities who needs protection, promotion, development and welfare of the community in compared to the superior advanced neighbour communities.

He said all the six communities of Assam do not require any special protection for political rights and land rights because they are superior numerically, 151 lakhs in compared to 38 lakhs of existing STs in Assam. “Moreover, they are far advanced educationally, intellectually, economically, socially in Assam in compared to existing STs. In fact politically they are ruling Assam. They do not require any protection under special provision of the constitution. Other aspect of promotion, development and welfare of community are taken care of by 27% OBC reservation for them. Thus they cannot be equated with downgraded ST communities in Assam,” he said adding that the Ahom group, Chutia, Moran, Matak are integral and leading constituent of the Assamese general caste community of Assam and they cannot be given special constitutional protection meant for weaker section of the society.

Basumatary said there was no ethnic community as Koch Rajbongshi as ‘Koch’ and ‘Rajbongshi’ are separate castes. “They are separately SC communities in West Bengal and separately OBC community in Assam. Rajbongshis prefixed ‘Koch’ and claimed Koch Rajbongshi in Assam is only to claim ST status despite enjoying OBC reservation in Assam. The SC in West Bengal cannot be ST in Assam being same community,” he said adding that they are superior numerically who claimed 70 lakhs and intellectually in compared to the existing ST communities of Assam. He also said in 1996 they cornered all the ST reserved seats in important educational institutions of Assam when ordinance was given for them as ST for six months. So they do not deserve for special constitutional protection of tribals, he said.

The BJSM appealed the Rajya Sabha MPs, particularly tribal MPs of Assam to use their good senses to stop the Bill in Rajya Sabha for further examination. He also said the BPF party was more responsible to protect the existing tribal for whom they got the BTC 6th Schedule tribal administration. They have to protect the existing tribal right of protection instead of donating it to communities who do not require it except for destroying the existing tribal protection right which is not intention of the constitution, he said. Credit

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