47% vacancies reserved for ST’s still unfulfilled in govt ministries and departments

New Delhi: The Modi government’s reservation bill to grant 10 per cent quota in government jobs and education for upper caste poor was passed by the Rajya Sabha yesterday. It is now... Read more »

What kind of ‘national identity’ does a culturally-pluralistic India have?

India’s cultural pluralism is self-evident; if we look around and keep our eyes, ears and minds open, we can’t escape the vivid manifestations of this phenomenon. India’s much talked about bewildering diversity... Read more »

Why the patriarchy in India cannot be smashed without challenging Brahmanism

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat Jan. 03 A Six Hundred Twenty Kilometer long human chain was created yesterday in Kerala against the attempt to communalise the environment in the state particularly related to... Read more »

Year that saw tectonic shift in UP’s political landscape

A year is a long time in politics. In Uttar Pradesh, the change of the calendar from 2017 to 2018 saw a tectonic shift in the political landscape, one that left the... Read more »

Reports prepared under UPA to provide land to Dalit, Adivasi tillers “put on backburner”

By PS Krishnan* A national centrally-funded programme of universal agricultural land distribution to all rural scheduled caste (SC) or Dalit families, and also all rural scheduled (ST) or Adivasi and non-SC-non-ST landless... Read more »

Year of fantastic tales: Pearls of political wisdom from 2018

Political language, claimed George Orwell, is designed to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind. One could be forgiven for thinking that it was present-day India that he spoke of. Each... Read more »

Himachal tribals’ forest rights “rejected” despite assurance in state assembly

Dec. 20 In what is being interpreted as a “clear example” of how the Forest Rights Act (FRA), 2006, is being flouted despite political assurances, official members of a district level committee... Read more »

Kerala ‘Kaliyattakkavu, a temple of religious harmony’

Malappuram, Dec. 20 Every year, in the Malayalam month of Edavam, a festive mood pervades Thalappara, a non-descript village near Chemmad in Malappuram district as the local community comes together, rising above... Read more »

IIT-Madras, a Modern Day Brahmin enclave?

Nagesh (name changed), a bright student at the Indian Institute of Technology- Madras, who hails from a very poor economic background, had a shock of his life when he was entering the... Read more »

Security at Bhima Koregaon did little to ease insecurity among Dalits

Dalits at Maharashtra’s Bhima Koregoan village near Pune feel a sense of security only around the Buddha Vihar temple, which is the entrance to the neighbourhood where 20 Dalit families live, because of the police personnel... Read more »

The day Shivaji Park turns blue

On 5 December, Siddharth Wamanrao Gaikwad packed a small bag with spare clothes and boarded the train from Amravati to Mumbai, as he’s done every year since 1988. Early the next morning,... Read more »

International Human Rights Day: Floral Tribute To Nabin Nayak, Indigenous Leader Of Kashipur

Odisha, Dec. 12 Report by Badal Tah; Kashipur : Assembly elections are due in Odisha in 2019. Currently, there is a significant disconnect between indigenous communities’ demands and needs and the political... Read more »

India being dragged into “unmitigated” disaster by government

By Fr Cedric Prakash sj* Dec. 6 On almost every sector, India has been faring very poorly on human rights. The situation has been deteriorating since the past four years. In the... Read more »

“Ruling leaders continue to violate the principles of Constitution”

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat* Dec. 6 As the ruling leaders continue to violate the principles of Constitution, converting them into a hierarchical Brahmanical state, it is time for all of us to... Read more »

Forced child labour rampant in Uttar Pradesh sugarcane fields: Oxfam study

By Rajiv Shah A 14-year-old boy and his older brother were hired by an agent from Bihar under the pretext of getting them a job in a shoe factory in Uttar Pradesh.... Read more »

Children – Civilization’s Future, Victims of Western Brutality

By Peter Koenig The United Nations Universal Children’s Day – 20 November – has come and gone – and nothing has changed. No action that would now protect children any more than... Read more »

What Lies Beneath the Alarming Rise in Violence Against Dalits?

India has witnessed a sharp escalation in violence against Dalits in the past five years. In every year during this period, the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) registered a six to eight-fold upsurge in... Read more »

If Kutami Wins or Loses – I’m Responsible

TPCC chief Uttam Kumar Reddy has made shocking comments. He said he would take the complete responsibility of Praja Kutami whether it wins or loses. He said he would take the blame... Read more »

No pickles please: India’s trafficking survivors dream of drums and saws

By Roli Srivastava LONDON, Nov 14 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) – Getting the chilli-turmeric ratio in mango pickle right, learning to thread an eyebrow or honing drumming skills? For Robin Chaurasiya, founder of... Read more »

Jobless Indian man says he raped and killed 9 children -police

By Nidhi Verma NEW DELHI, Nov 21 (Reuters) – A jobless 20-year-old Indian man has confessed to raping and killing at least nine girls aged between three and seven in New Delhi,... Read more »