India’s Independence Day | Whose Independence is it Anyway?

As the Diaspora is celebrating 72nd Independence Day of India, one of the questions that arises in minds across the globe is whose independence and freedom is actually being celebrated on August... Read more »

Assam’s National Register of Citizens: A Fact Based Analysis

By: Dr Walter Fernandes The final draft of the National Register of Citizens for Assam, published on July 30, is a good document with some shortcomings. But the real problem is the fear-mongering by... Read more »

Sexual harassment an everyday affair at work for Punjab’s Dalit women, humiliation part of the job

The stench of cow dung surrounding her for most of the day does not make it easy for Karamjit Kaur to get through her work, but circumstances and social hierarchy led her... Read more »

People, Including Children were arrested for being mere a Dalit and not for an offense or wrongdoing.

By: Bani Bedi In a house in Sarai Kaji in Meerut, some light has been brought back. Amar*, a 14-year-old boy, is back home after spending two months and 17 days in... Read more »

India’s First International Dalit Cricketer And The Breaching Of The Caste Frontier

By: Kamalpreet Singh Gill Palvankar Baloo is believed by historians to have been India’s first ‘international’ Dalit cricketer. He was part of the first all-Indian cricket team that toured England in 1911... Read more »

Justice and Capital Punishment – A Glimpse at the Murder of Udayakumar

By: K P Sasi The Special CBI Court has sentenced two police officers K. Jeethakumar and S.V. Sreekumar to be hanged till death for their crime of torturing and murdering Udayakumar. Others... Read more »

Does India Need A Caste-Based Quota in Cricket? | In 86 years of Cricket only 4 belong to SCST

Authors: Gaurav Bhawnani and Shubham Jain In the 86 years since India attained Test status, 290 different men have played test cricket for India. However, only four belong to the Scheduled Castes and... Read more »

Dream of Father of the Nation for total sanitation for all and a clean India is still elusive

The Committee observes that the Central Rural Sanitation Programme (CRSP) was launched 32 years back in 1986 with a view to have a nationwide focus on rural sanitation. The programme was subsequently... Read more »

Dr. Ruth Manorama speaks on the history of dalit Womens’ International Advocacy

By Amudha MV: According to Dr. Ruth Manorama, a Dalit women’s rights activist, caste discrimination is one of the longest social injustices to exist as it has a recorded history of about 3000-4000... Read more »

Lynchings reveal frustration in polity, anemic criminal justice system, corrupt, ineffective police force

By Sheshu Babu* Though there is less than a year for another general elections, lynchings continue in India unabated. Dalits and Muslims are being thrashed, harassed, beaten to death and, shamelessly, most... Read more »

Bringing Shudras, ati-Shudras on one platform: Consultation for a new neo-Dalit movement

The People’s Vigilance Committee on Human Rights (PVCRC), a Varanasi-based NGO, proposes to organize consultation for the creation of of a neo-Dalit movement on August 9, the Quit India day. Lenin Raghuvanshi, who... Read more »

Exploitation of women by human traffickers: India ranks alongside Libya, Myanmar as a dangerous country

Thomson Reuters Foundation, which recently ranked India the “most dangerous” country for women to live, has placed the country alongside Libya and Myanmar as also the “world’s most dangerous countries for women... Read more »

People are caged in the mansion of caste… Such is the poison that destroys generations

Sheshu Babu* Dalit movement has produced great writers who expressed the pain of being discriminated in poignant prose and verse. Among those inspiring writers is Shahir Shantanu Kamble who was known as... Read more »

Recalling Emergency: Now, as then, any voice of protest or dissent is termed as anti-national and perilous

By Gautam Thaker* Human Rights and liberties are a privilege of citizens, a distinct part of human life. Those are their birthrights and cannot be construed as if they have been conferred... Read more »

Universal micropension? Govt of India’s doesn’t have appetite for social protection, its efforts are patchy

India is home to one-fifth of the world’s population which includes a third of the world’s poor and one-eighth of the world’s elderly. Most of them spend their whole lives as informal... Read more »

If Modi can meet Nawaz Sharif, Adani wants to sell 4000 MW power to Pak, why are our soldiers killing each other?

In 1947 India was divided by the foreign rulers by playing a game of divide and rule to which the religious fundamentalists fell prey. India and Pakistan since then have a checkered... Read more »

Gujarat’s 100% rural households get clean drinking water, Modi think-tank claims: Says state No 1 in water index

Ranking Gujarat No 1 in Composite Water Management Index (CWMI) for the second successive year, the Modi government’s powerful policy-making body, Niti Aayog, appears to have left no stone unturned in order... Read more »

Corruption: India’s Worst Curse

India’s eager quest for economic dynamism has been severely stifled by chronic corruption. The country needs to urgently modernize its institutions and end the culture of rent seeking and cutting corners if... Read more »

My Grandmother called ‘Kochadima’ (Little Slave) and Kerala’s ‘Glorified’ history.

Name of my father’s mother was ‘Kochadima’ (Little Slave). I was ashamed to say my grandmother’s name. I used to think who will give a name like ‘Little Slave’ to a person.... Read more »