Watch Video | Is Removing Kancha llaiah’s Books From DU Syllabus an Attack on Dalit Literature?

Arfa Khanum Sherwani speaks to Kancha llaiah Shepherd and professor Rizwan Qaiser about suppressing unheard voices. Delhi University’s standing committee for academic affairs has recommended that three “controversial” books written by activist and... Read more »

‘We are not Dalits 24 hours a day’

Ajay Navaria began his academic career teaching Hindu religious scripture and ethics. This doesn’t sound particularly remarkable — not until placed next to the fact that his grandfather would have probably paid... Read more »

#MeToo: The NGO Sector Systematically Silences Dalit, Tribal and Bahujan Voices

All the media time and reams of newsprint documenting the various #MeToo revelations in India will not make up for the decades of silence imposed upon women and girls who were subject... Read more »

It’s Time Himachal Owned Up to Its Caste Problem

When one talks about the small hill state of Himachal Pradesh, the image that comes to mind is that of a progressive place that has done reasonably well in terms of education,... Read more »

Why the Arrest of Dalit Activists, ‘Urban Naxals’

by Ram Puniyani The violence in Bheema Koregaon is still reverberating. We recall that on January 1, 2018, thousands of Dalits returning from Bheema Koregaon were beaten up. In that context the... Read more »

‘Capital can break caste system… Market and money will defeat anti-capital Marx and Manu’: Milind Kamble

Milind Kamble, Chairman of the Dalit Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, says the word ‘Dalit’ provides “emotional connect”, asserts that 4 % procurement law ensures Dalit inclusion, says private sector affirmative... Read more »

Muslims, STs, Dalits made most progress in combating poverty: UN

While India has taken tremendous strides in combating poverty in the past decade, Muslims, members of the Scheduled Tribes (ST) and Dalits saw the most progress in in reducing the impact of... Read more »

‘Gandhi was much more than a freedom fighter’ | Gandhiji & B.R. Ambedkar, Both are important and made significant contributions.

Mahatma Gandhi was much more than a freedom fighter, said historian Ramachandra Guha at the launch of the second part of his biography on Gandhiji, Gandhi: The Years That Changed The World. 1914... Read more »

Twist in the Tale: Maharashtra Police Press Conference on August 31 on Nationwide Raids and Arrests

The Press Conference Parambir Singh, ADG (Maharastra Police), flanked by his two deputies – Shivaji Bodkhe, JCP, Pune and the investigating officer, Shivaji Pawar, ACP, in a press conference in Mumbai, inaugurated... Read more »

How a chemical engineer became the ambassador of international Dalit movement

After years of careful exclusion, several Indian missions abroad have now earmarked April 14, Ambedkar Jayanti, as a day of official importance. The international Ambedkarite movement, active in over 21 countries, forced Indian... Read more »