India’s “low” caste women live 15 years less than “upper” caste counterparts

Jan 21 In India, a so-called low-caste woman can expect to live almost 15 years less than a so-called upper-caste woman. Suggesting that this is an international phenomenon, a just-released Oxfam report... Read more »

Deja Vu for Dalit Women: The MeToo Movement in India

Talk to any Dalit woman, she will tell you how her voice has long been ignored. Look at the history of the Dalit, Leftist or Feminist movements in India – you’ll know... Read more »

BJP attempt to polarize North East on communal lines “fails” to cut ice with people

Jan 16 New Socialist Initiative (NSI), a collective claiming to be committed to creating a society free of economic deprivation, gender, caste, national and racial oppressions, and ecological degradation, has said that failure to... Read more »

Scheduled Caste wealth share worse than tribals: It’s 7-8% of total, 11% less than its population share

Jan 15 India is a very peculiar country with a complex and regressive caste system. Unfortunately past unequal distribution of wealth along caste lines has never been corrected. A simple depiction is... Read more »

Govt of India asked to stop extra-judicial killings, threats to UP human rights defenders

Jan 15 The United Nations Human Rights Office of High Commissioner (OHCHR) has taken strong exception to “extrajudicial killings” in Uttar Pradesh, pointing out that most of those who have killed are... Read more »

Vast Income Inequalities Within Castes – Top 10% Among Forward Castes Own 60% Wealth

Bengaluru, Jan 14 Although India’s upper caste households earned nearly 47% more than the national average annual household income, the top 10% within these castes owned 60% of the wealth within the group in 2012,... Read more »

Two Indian opposition parties unite to challenge PM Narendra Modi

New Delhi, Jan 12 A formidable opposition, a coalition of the regional Samajwadi Party (SP) and the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), has been announced by the leaders of the two parties to challenge... Read more »

How Modi govt brought the upper castes up

This was the week when the upper caste Indian was back in the news. No, not for Hindutva, not as the torchbearer for the mighty Vedic era and definitely not as the lone... Read more »

47% vacancies reserved for ST’s still unfulfilled in govt ministries and departments

New Delhi: The Modi government’s reservation bill to grant 10 per cent quota in government jobs and education for upper caste poor was passed by the Rajya Sabha yesterday. It is now... Read more »

What kind of ‘national identity’ does a culturally-pluralistic India have?

India’s cultural pluralism is self-evident; if we look around and keep our eyes, ears and minds open, we can’t escape the vivid manifestations of this phenomenon. India’s much talked about bewildering diversity... Read more »