A middle-aged Dalit man allegedly killed over land dispute

“Many incidents happen in Rajasthan due to land disputes. But when it comes to other castes it doesn’t result in killing or a death as there is no caste hatred among other... Read more »

Dalit Muslims continue to suffer in spite of change in their faith

Among the religious minorities the situation of Dalit Muslims is worst as they are prosecuted minorities among minorities because of their caste based social identities and they continue to suffer in spite... Read more »

Will Gujarat take needed actions to protect and secure basic rights of children?

Large number of child labourers in Gujarat are migrant child workers. They have limited or no access to accommodation, health and education. Source: Counterview.net By Damini Patel Ever since the lockdown began,... Read more »

The poor suffer great distress due to lockdown

Source: Sabrangindia.in As the lockdown in India continues in the hope of curbing the spread of the coronavirus, it has brought along a multiple problems with itself. 1.       In Ranchi, Mohammed Imtiyaz, a... Read more »

India lockdown: The vulnerable in India facing hunger, deprivation

According to one report, the lockdown has led to about 200 deaths, out of which 53 deaths were caused because of hunger, exhaustion or suicide due to lack of livelihood. A recent... Read more »

No worry about food shortage, thanks to joint farming

In the beginning, there were clashes between the upper caste and Dalits over joint farming. But the situation improved gradually. Source: The Tribune By Parvesh Sharma Sangrur, April 21 Dalits would have... Read more »

Lockdown And Economic Crisis

Human rights are non-existent in this atmosphere and it seems utopian to expect these governments to be humane. If saving lives is their paramount aim, does it matter if deaths are due... Read more »

Lockdown and Home-Based Workers

In long-run, sustained interventions are needed like recognition of these invisible categories of workers through policies and laws. So, that they can be protected in adverse situations like COVID-19 pandemic. Source: Countercurrents.org By... Read more »

Minority hawkers being ‘targeted’ under lockdown pretext despite WHO warning

In the middle of the nationwide lockdown, when curtailed movement and access to basic necessities is proving to be challenge for all of us, these hawkers are our veritable lifelines. To target... Read more »

The communal virus is proving to be more dangerous than the coronavirus

As the country paid homage to Babasaheb Ambedkar on his 129th birth anniversary, Prof Anand Teltumbde and Gautam Navlakha, two of India’s finest public intellectuals and activists, were taken in custody by... Read more »

20% households can’t cope with India’s ‘intimidating’ lockdown

Add to this the grim truth of Indian occupational structure and poverty, and you would likely predict what we now see: unending streams of migrants trying to find their way home, the... Read more »

Relief measures by govt are “hugely inadequate”, it is a matter of “utmost concern”

The relief measures announced by the Government of India under the Pradhan Mantri Gareeb Kalyan Yojana (PMGKY) are hugely inadequate in responding to the need. Of utmost concern is the fact that... Read more »

Amid COVID-19 crisis interests of workers being damaged

The international report from the International Labour Organization (ILO) has also expressed its estimations of impact on poverty status for various countries and as for India goes, the estimation is worrisome as... Read more »

Surat’s 10 lakh migrant workers ‘lose’ Rs 9,000 per month each due to lockdown

How these migrants and their families are going to sustain their livelihood is a big question. Their coping strategies are likely to vary across regions, extent of assets, government subsidies and incentives,... Read more »

As Anand Teltumbde is about to go to jail, an editor pays tribute

“Every thinking Indian is a potential ‘urban Maoist’; it is just the mercy of the police that such Indians are not all under arrest.” Source: Scroll.in To expect such small mercies – because you... Read more »

India’s civil society role ‘critical’ as lockdown begins to impact rural poor in a big way

At this juncture, it is crucial to remain connected with the disconnected rural population of India not only through provisions of better healthcare facilities and support, but also by ensuring proper implementation... Read more »

No list? Gujarat govt ‘delaying’ payment of cash benefit to construction workers

“The state labour department has asked all districts to prepare a list of beneficiaries for the entitlement, which is strange, considering that several lakh unorganized workers in Kerala, Punjab, Rajasthan, Delhi and... Read more »

Overcrowded “makeshift prisons” for migrants won’t help to control the Coronavirus

Overcrowding in a confined space is a major health risk as it compromises hygiene and facilitates the spread of infectious diseases – and is a context in which COVID 19 could rapidly... Read more »

Caste, class, and a Pandemic

The consequences of CoronaVirus Global Pandemic have laid bare the extreme social divisions of India in an unprecedented and painful manner. Is India fighting too many internal battles while also fighting a... Read more »

Is A Central Examination Process A Silver Bullet For Filling Judicial Vacancies?

Attempts to create an AIJS have failed due to lack of clarity and nuance in proposals. This time around, confusions around the idea of an AIJS need to be addressed better so... Read more »