Midnight Conspiracy At CBI? by -Oliver D’Souza

Though Alok Verma, Director of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), was aware of CBI Special Director Rakesh Asthana’ proximity to the powers that be and the implications thereof, he would not have... Read more »

Security compromised to bailout businessman? – by Oliver D’Souza

The charges of corruption at the highest level in the Rafale fighter jet deal that has put the BJP government in the dock took a very serious turn with freshly surfaced evidence... Read more »

Shudras, not Aryans, built the Indus Valley Civilization – Kancha Ilaiah

Archaeological evidence shows that the first city to be built across the world – Harappa – came up in the Indian subcontinent around 2850-2900 BC. The word Harappa sounds similar to the... Read more »

Rafale Deal: The Biggest Scam Ever? – Oliver D’Souza

There is no smoke without a fire. More importantly, dense smoke ensues when a fire is either blazing, or when attempts are made to douse it. In the Rafale fighter jet deal... Read more »

Politics of hate and extremism in India

In a widely-read book, The Idea of India, historian Sunil Khilnani explained why India had taken the route towards impressive political development. The Indian system was impressive since it accommodated a number of... Read more »

Hinduism Denies Spiritual Citizenship and ‘Moksha’ to Shudras, Dalits and Adivasis

Hinduism is being defined as a religion like Buddhism, Christianity and Islam. Till the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and the Hindu Mahasabha came into being, it wasn’t seen as a religion like... Read more »

‘Smash Brahminical Patriarchy’ is decidedly targeting Brahmins, calling a select few women to meet Dorsey is certainly ‘Brahmanical’

The past week has seen a raging controversy playing out on Twitter over its CEO Jack Dorsey holding a poster saying, ‘Smash Brahminical Patriarchy’. While a group of netizens found the idea violent... Read more »

Why Dalits Are Unhappy With BJP In Gwalior-Morena

A garlanded photo of Deepak Mittal sits beside a small bust of B.R. Ambedkar on a shelf in a white-painted wall, sharing space with idols of various hues and a stack of... Read more »

The Visceral Prose of Baburao Bagul and the Dalit Uprising

Inspired by Babasaheb Ambedkar and the U.S. Black Panthers, the 1970s saw a rising consciousness of the young Dalits in Bombay in the form of Dalit Panthers movement for addressing injustices by... Read more »

How Do I Refrain From Using ‘Dalit’?

A series of questions have been haunting me for some time now: How does one refrain from using a word which defines one’s body politic, imagined self, location? On September 3, NDTV aired its prime-time... Read more »