Lynching: India’s Shame!

Source: By Fr Cedric Prakash SJ On Friday 5 July, thousands of people had gathered at a rally in Surat to protest against the growing mob lynching incidents in different parts... Read more »

The RSS Had No Role in India’s Freedom Struggle

Source: If there were any doubts at the proto fascist re-writing of history, recent developments in the Nagpur varsity would put them to rest. Indian Express reports that  the NSUI has... Read more »

Is Idea of ‘New India’ Hunting the Minorities and Secularism?

Source: By Zulafqar Ahmed India has been epitome of pluralism, tolerance, and diversity since ages. Religious, cultural, and ethnic diversity of India has left inerasable imprints all over the world. Varieties... Read more »

Four Sanitation Workers And Three Others Die While Cleaning A Sewer In Gujarat

Source: Seven people, including four sanitation workers, died of suffocation while cleaning a hotel sewer in Gujarat, news agency PTI reported. The incident took place at a hotel in Fartikui village... Read more »

Benefit programmes should be formulated to tackle impact of intense heat on marginalised sections

By Sheshu Babu While summer is uncomfortable to most of middle class people, it takes heavy toll of the daily laborers, marginalised casual workers and industrial manual employees. The rich and most... Read more »

MHA ‘Order’ Opens Doors for Shah’s ‘Threat & Promise’: NRC Countrywide a la Assam

Source: The new Foreigners (Tribunals) Amendment Order 2019 allows all states to constitute their own FTs, earlier unique to Assam, to address the question of citizenship of a person. Sources claim... Read more »

Will Conviction of Sarpanch & 12 Others for Murder of a Dalit Farmer deter Crimes against Dalits?

Source: In arecent judgement that gave some sense of justice, Special Judge (SC/ST Act), Pradeep Mittal, sentenced all 13 accused to life imprisonment for a fatal attack on a farmer who... Read more »

Whither Secularism: Democratic Society and Minority Rights

Source: By Ram Puniyani  We are living in times where the social norms, the values of Constitution have been violated times and over again. The increasing atrocities on dalits, the lynchings of... Read more »

Blood on the Playground

Source: By C Vanaja “We received information that 100 to 150 Naxals had gathered deep in the forest and constituted a search party of 100 and went in search of them. When... Read more »

Historical injustice and “bogus” claims: Forest rights, conservation and large infrastructure in India

Source: By Kanchi Kohli As the country geared up for the 17th Lok Sabha elections, the first quarter of 2019 saw two decisions that signify the deeply fraught forest governance in... Read more »

India hiding disparities, ‘under-reporting’ figures of workers in stigmatized jobs

Source: By Sumeet Mhaskar The scale of workforce employed in stigmatized occupations is enormous and each of the industries holds significant positions in the economy. For instance, in India there are ‘more than... Read more »

Maharashtra government must protect Dr Ram Puniyani

Source: By Vidya Bhushan Rawat Dr Ram Puniyani is one of the most prolific authors of our time writing on communalism particular that of the Sangh Parivar variety. At the time, when... Read more »

Will Nehru’s Secular India Survive post- 2019 Elections?

Source: By Badre Alam Khan The secular minded academics and civil society have reminded us once again that Nehru’s secular legacy needs to be remembered in a given political context, on the... Read more »

UN demands GOI response on Human Rights crisis related to NRC in Assam

Source: June, 7: In a scathing letter to the Government of India, five senior officials of the United Nations have expressed regret at the lack of response from the government on... Read more »

What upset the Gathbandhan’s applecart in UP: Caste quotient or something else?

Source: By Deborah Grey June, 7: The Gathbandhan, a grand alliance of secular forces committed to uplifting the subalterns, or a substantial part of them at least, has shockingly fared rather poorly... Read more »

Dalit Battles For Promised Lands Rage Across India

Source: By Nihar Gokhale, Land Conflict Watch Osmanabad (Maharashtra): Rambhau Kamble was five years old when he first saw Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar. On that February morning in 1941, Ambedkar–eight years away from framing... Read more »

Majority of Indians don’t aspire for a democratic society, often at the cost of minorities

Source: By Battini Rao June, 7: Reservations have been continued and extended by democratically elected governments. Citizens have a right to criticize any government policy or law. However, no one has a... Read more »

In Jharkhand, Ram Navami Celebrations Now Sites For Violence

Source: Gumla town, Jharkhand: Irshad Khan knew there would be trouble when he saw the procession. “They were up to no good,” he said of the Ram Navami revellers in Gumla... Read more »

Will minorities in India be 2nd class citizens? Wake up call: Be a ‘communicating’ Church

Source: By Fr Cedric Prakash sj India today is at a defining moment of her history. There is so much that has taken place in the past five years (and particularly... Read more »

Land Bank “main hurdle” for Adivasi, other dwellers’ forest rights in Jharkhand

Source: By Gladson Dungdung A village called Perka is situated at Murhu development block in Khunti district of Jharkhand, which is approximately 55 kilometers from Ranchi, the capital city of Jharkhand.... Read more »