Migrants send on an unending ‘Ram bharose’ journey as IR re-routes trains

“We have no food, water or no milk for the children, the temperatures are blistering hot. We are eating stale, spoiled leftover food in small portions which we carried from Mumbai since... Read more »

How working rights are snatched away from the already harrowed migrant labourers

What this means is, that an already harrowed labour class, the migrant labourers who have borne the maximum brunt of this pandemic due to non-payment of wages, absence of food security and... Read more »

The final package announced by FM was a fiasco

Source: Counterview.net By Amarjeet Kaur The final package, the fifth one in a row, announced by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman on May 17 was a fiasco. Sitharaman during her press conference for... Read more »

People from the south most concerned about losing jobs

The most comfortably placed, or so it seems, are those from the Scheduled Tribes as 21.3 per cent of them said they are “very concerned” that the pandemic may cost them their... Read more »

370mn indigenous people in 90 countries lack Covid-19 health efforts

According to the World Bank, over 370 million indigenous people inhabit over 90 countries, in both rural and urban areas. New York, May 17 (IANS) As the world scrambles to fight coronavirus... Read more »

A long journey without money, food and in fear of police

“The government only thinks about the rich and not the poor. That’s why they have started booking online ticket of Rajdhani trains,” By Anand Singh New Delhi, May 13 (IANS) “We have... Read more »

Only 700 km more!

“We understand that there is a reason for the lockdown to be implemented, there is a pandemic which has been spreading but our current position in Panipat had become unsustainable. Even though... Read more »

Migrants from Telugu states continue to head home walking

By Mohammed Shafeeq Hyderabad/Vijayawada, May 12 (IANS) Carrying children and bundles of essentials on their shoulders, scores of migrant workers from Telugu states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana continue to head home... Read more »

Once a gun-wielding Maoist, Telangana MLA is a model for netas

Having operated in the same forest as a gun-wielding Maoist rebel in the late 1980s and early 1990s, she is not unfamiliar with the terrain. The only difference, in her own words,... Read more »

Gujarat PESA rules do nothing against exploitation of Adivasis

The Gujarat PESA rules do absolutely nothing to curb this injustice resulting in continued exploitation of Adivasis. Even with the Rules stating that the powers would vest in Gram Panchayats to clear... Read more »

Experts estimate 6-8 million workers ‘still stranded’

We hear reports that some in business community have advised state governments to keep them within the state for ‘re-starting’ the economy, post-lockdown. While giving definite offer of jobs and social security... Read more »

SC ruling opens flood gates to non-tribals for immigration to Scheduled Areas

Source: Counterview.org By Dr Palla Trinadha Rao The verdict of the constitutional bench of Supreme Court (SC) comprising of five judges, striking down the government order manuscript (GO Ms) No 3 of... Read more »

Half rural households didn’t receive two months’ ration

It quoted Fuleshwari as saying that she and other family members eat when they can, or they go hungry. Right now, there is no work, so they don’t earn and go hungry... Read more »

Impact of COVID-19-related policies on life in rural India

According to the respondents, about 80% of the villagers belong to the Backward Classes (BC), and belong to the Kappu, Yadava, Koppalavelamlu, Telaga, Kurakkalu, Padmasali, and Settibaljeelu communities. These communities own about... Read more »

Corruption amidst COVID-19 crisis adding to the suffering of the poor

The government is imitating decisions of the developed countries failing to realise that work from home, social (physical) distancing, wearing masks or using sanitisers every now and then is not possible for... Read more »

Boating community in UP badly hit by lockdown

“The sailor community is stricken. We cannot even say when the tourism will start now. And after this, the rainy season awaits, in which we will have no work, and will anyway... Read more »

Why thousands of migrant workers had no option then to leave the cities

“For our poorest citizens, life is lived at the most basic level. If they don’t have earnings at the end of the day, they are invited to starve. And when the exodus... Read more »

A middle-aged Dalit man allegedly killed over land dispute

“Many incidents happen in Rajasthan due to land disputes. But when it comes to other castes it doesn’t result in killing or a death as there is no caste hatred among other... Read more »

Dalit Muslims continue to suffer in spite of change in their faith

Among the religious minorities the situation of Dalit Muslims is worst as they are prosecuted minorities among minorities because of their caste based social identities and they continue to suffer in spite... Read more »

Will Gujarat take needed actions to protect and secure basic rights of children?

Large number of child labourers in Gujarat are migrant child workers. They have limited or no access to accommodation, health and education. Source: Counterview.net By Damini Patel Ever since the lockdown began,... Read more »