Two lakh people are forcibly displaced in 2018 and 11.3 live under the threat of eviction

April 19, A new publication by a civil rights organization, Housing and Land Rights Network India (HLRN), “Forced Evictions in India in 2018: An Unabating National Crisis”, has discussed different dimensions of... Read more »

Clean fuel? Modi’s Ujjwala fails: Poor households 2.5 times “less likely” to use LPG

By Rajiv Shah April 18, The Government of India’s (GoI) Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana, launched in 2016 in order to promote the use of clean cooking fuel to villagers by subsidizing liquid... Read more »

Epic war against caste system is the constitutional responsibility of an elected government

Edited by well-known Gujarat Dalit rights leader Martin Macwan, the book, “Bhed-Bharat: An Account of Injustice and Atrocities on Dalits and Adivasis (2014-18)” (available in English and Gujarati*) is a selection of... Read more »

TN’s caste knots in cluttered LS contest

Chennai, April 16 (IANS) Caste intricacies has tied up the elections in Tamil Nadu in several knots because of a cluttered four-cornered contest throwing up new factors. The four corners in the poll... Read more »

Elections started with violence, EVM glitches, missing names, ink controversy

New Delhi, April 12 (IANS) Death of two people in Andhra Pradesh clashes, an IED blast in Maharashtra, reports of EVM glitches and multiple complaints from voters about their names not being on the electoral... Read more »

India under Narendra Modi: A throwback to the Germany of the 1930s

By Anjan Basu April 10, As a boy, the German novelist Max von der Grun heard  the news of Hitler becoming the Reich Chancellor over the radio on 30 January, 1933 .... Read more »

Waste pickers face respiratory, musculo-skeletal, gastrointestinal ailments, social stigma

By Sheshu Babu In cities and towns, one often comes across heaps of garbage on roadsides and poor — mostly slum dwellers, children — hovering around the pile. These people are mostly... Read more »

The Modi government has all but actually declared a war on its own people

By Teesta Setalvad April 6, Its been a challenging  five years. Between 2017-2019 (between when the book was first published) until now, the lines have been even more sharply drawn. Between the vast... Read more »

Will Saharanpur see a repeat of 2014?

By Prashant Sood Saharanpur, March 31 (IANS) Among the seats in Western Uttar Pradesh seats going to the polls in the first phase of the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Saharanpur presents a unique... Read more »

Reducing the gender inequalities in education is best for businesses and society

By Amit Kapoor March 30 (IANS) The benefits of diversity in the workforce are known to give companies a competitive edge and this, in turn, enables higher growth. A 2018 McKinsey &... Read more »

Rape is the only crime in India for which the victim is blamed

By Payal Mohta March 29, Priyanka Dubey, an award-winning journalist, spent six years researching and documenting India’s unreported rape cases for her new book, “No Nation For Women – Reporting On Rape... Read more »

‘Congress Income Scheme Could Work But Must Not Replace Social Spending’

March 28, Economic inequality in India is at record high levels and the next government will have to seriously address this issue, “rather than just focusing on growth as it has been... Read more »

Refugees as criminals? US govt report blames Amit Shah for calling Bangladeshis termites

March 21, The chapter “Freedom of Movement” of the US State Department’s “India 2018 Human Rights Report”, released recently, has criticized BJP chief Amit Shah for terming alleged Bangladeshis who may be... Read more »

Re-writing History, Saffronising Education: Remembering Nangeli lest the government makes us forget

March, 20, In December 2016, as part of a curriculum rationalisation exercise initiated under the BJP government, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) issued a circular to all its affiliated schools... Read more »

Minority and Indigenous Women Human Rights Activists More Prone to Harassment

March 12, A United Nations Human Rights Council report released on Sunday, March 10, noted that women human rights activists from minority and indigenous background in the country are more prone to... Read more »

This warrior struggles for tribal women to get a fair deal

By Vishal Gulati Shimla, March 12 (IANS) The fair sex is not getting a fair deal in tribal areas of Himachal Pradesh – but Rattan Manjari will have none of this. She is... Read more »

BJP’s do-or-die battle against Congress in Northeast

By Sujit Chakraborty Agartala/Guwahati, March 12 (IANS) The Bharatiya Janata Party has embarked on a do-or-die battle to win as many of the 25 Lok Sabha seats as it can in eight northeastern... Read more »

Bridging the gender gap? Women in India work 9 hrs a day on average, men 7 hrs

By Moin Qazi March 25, All lives have equal value. No matter where they live on the planet. No matter what state, city, and country you’re born in, whether you are male,... Read more »

Why reading Harsh Mander’s Partitions of the Heart is the need of the hour

By Abhilasha Chattopadhyay March 2, “There is a well-known story about a frog, which when thrown into boiling water, reacts immediately by jumping out. By contrast, if the frog is placed into lukewarm... Read more »

Fewer gains for child nutrition plan in UP, Bihar

New Delhi, Feb 28 (IANS) India’s flagship programme, Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), which though showed significant strides, has not benefitted all groups equally, a study said on Thursday, showing fewer gains in... Read more »