90% of Sitharaman’s COVID-19 package ‘includes’ already running schemes

Out of 54 crore workers with almost 90% in the unorganized sector as of now in 2020 (the last figure of 47.4 crore is based on 2010 census), the announcement to help... Read more »

India’s coronavirus response needs to address the question of social inequity

Source: QUARTZ INDIA How do you discuss self-quarantine with a person sharing a tiny shanty with 10 people in a slum? How do you advise social distancing to a manual scavenger? How... Read more »

Relocation of tribal people living around Similipal Tiger Reserve forceful

Source: MONGABAY By Sandhya Sekar Odisha’s Similipal Tiger Reserve (STR), which spreads across an area of 2,200 square kilometres, is caught between the animals, which have earned it national fame, and the... Read more »

Modi’s kneejerk decision may kill ‘more people’ than coronavirus

Source: Counterview.net By Chandra Vikash Discerning through the global information on coronavirus Pandemic, it turns out that what I had thought around March 10 that we should allow Herd Immunity to set... Read more »

Denying Forest Dwellers Rights, Gauhati HC orders removal of Adivasi “encroachers”

The bench added that “there is no material available on record which would indicate that the petitioners have any established right to reside in the forest villages”. Source: Sabrangindia.in The Gauhati High... Read more »

Jharkhand CM Soren orders probe into first alleged hunger death case in his tenure

Ghasi was a member of the Scheduled Tribes community and was a resident of the Shankartola Kamra village. He passed away on March 6, post which Giridih MLA Sudhir Kumar tweeted about... Read more »

“Unpaid work” and sexual violence as a social norm in rural Rajasthan

54.4% of women it had interviewed were beaten up as and when they attempted to leave house without permission, while in 86.4% cases they were harshly criticized for this type of “disrespect”... Read more »

Why soft Hindutva, ‘opportunistic’ electoral alliance can’t replace Hindutva fascism

The social fascism emanating from Brahminism within exploitative Hindu caste order continues to be the foundation of propertied class that controls the state and political apparatus of the government. Source: Counterview.net By... Read more »

To tribals, forest conservation doesn’t require felling of trees, or plantation- regeneration

Excerpt from the Oxfam India report “We Belong to the Forest”, a compilation of 14 case studies from the central eastern tribal states of Chhattisgarh, Odisha and Jharkhand in an attempt to... Read more »

India 131st out of 180 countries on child survival rankings

Source: Sabrangindia.in According to a new WHO-UNICEF-Lancet Commission report called ‘A future for the world’s children?’ India ranks 131st among 180 countries in the category of child survival. The report states that... Read more »

Frequently evicted, Ahmedabad’s ‘untenable’ slumdwellers seek viable rehabilitation

Source: Counterview.net By Mina Jadav Nearly 1,000 residents of untenable slums of Ahmedabad held a public meeting at Sarangpur, Ahmedabad, and then marched to the Municipal Commissioner office at Danapeeth seeking an... Read more »

Marginalised community women politicians targeted with 59% more casteist tweets

Source: Counterview.net A new Amnesty International study, “Troll Patrol India: Exposing Online Abuse Faced by Women Politicians in India”, has found that one in every seven, or 13.8% of tweets, that mentioned... Read more »

SC slaps fine on states for no reply on community kitchen schemes

Source: Sabrangindia.in Feb 11, The five states of Punjab, Nagaland, Karnataka, Uttarakhand and Jharkhand, along with the Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar, were slapped with a fine of Rs. 5 lakh... Read more »

Social Boycott, a powerful oppressive tool to perpetuate caste hierarchies in Gujarat

Source: Counterurrents.org By Vidya Bhushan Rawat Una taluka of the Gir Somnath district in Gujarat is notorious for the violence against the Dalits. Most of them actually are landless and work as... Read more »

Positive Apex Court verdict amidst ‘sharp rise’ in atrocity cases against Dalits, Adivasis

Source: Counterview.net Even as welcoming the Supreme Court ruling upholding the Constitutional validity of the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Amendment Act (PoA Amendment Act), civil rights organizations... Read more »

Maharashtra cane-cutters: Women, children face hardest brunt of exploitative conditions

Source: Counterview.org Approximately 80% of the population in Marathwada is dependent on agriculture and animal husbandry for their livelihood. These are the only sources of sustained earnings for the community. However, prolonged... Read more »

Under CAA, India rejects its own to welcome a few outsiders

Source: Countercurrents.org By Vivek Sakpal A large number of Indians – most of them Dalits, Adivasis and the poor – will lose their citizenship under CAA only for a few thousand refugees... Read more »

Women are on the front-lines

Source: Sabrangindia.in Prominent feminists write open letter to the Prime Minister demanding that he rein in his party men who have repeatedly made derogatory remarks and threats against women protesters In wake... Read more »

Denotified, Nomadic, Semi-nomadic Tribes left out in Union Budget

Source: indiacsr A more specific analysis of the budget for the schemes for the development of the DNTs across six years shows a slow growth. Aspirational India, economic development and, above all,... Read more »

How CAA is different from Citizenship Act 1955

By Rajnish Singh (19:26)  New Delhi, Jan 16 (IANS) The controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) contains amendments to five major grounds mentioned in the Citizenship Act, 1955. The CAA aims to provide Indian... Read more »