Modi, OBC parties, populism: Historian Gyan Prakash on why Emergency explains modern Indian politics

Jan 26 Historian Gyan Prakash’s Emergency Chronicles explores modern India’s most traumatic memory: the state of Emergency imposed by the Indira Gandhi government in 1975. The act suspended Indian democracy for two... Read more »

Meet an award-winning gourmet coffee grown by an Adivasi-community in India

Jan 25 When it comes to coffee, I can be rather fanatic about what reaches my cup. I trace the origins of the ground coffee I buy online, check out the flavour... Read more »

Need to popularize life and struggle of first Dalit actress in these times of ‘biopic’ cinema

By Sheshu Babu Jan 23 Many women have struggled to come up in the tinsel world of film industry. The #MeToo movement has exposed how domination of male led many women to... Read more »

More colours to the rainbow

Freedom from Section 377 has dominated the Indian queer narratives in the last few years, justifiably so. With the fight against Section 377 ending in victory last year, the conversation has moved... Read more »

Rohingya ‘they threatened to kill us if we didn’t leave India’

By Faisal Mahmud Dhaka/Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, Jan 23 Last October, Zakir Hossain was getting a haircut at a saloon in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad when the TV inside the shop flashed... Read more »

Book on Adivasi Rights and Exclusion in India out

Hyderabad: Dr V Srinivasa Rao, Associate Professor in Centre for Regional Studies, School of Social Sciences, University of Hyderabad, has edited the volume entitled – Adivasi Rights and Exclusion in India –... Read more »

20 years of Hu Tu Tu: Gulzar’s political diatribe that failed to fire the imagination

Jan 22 On 17 January 2016, Rohit Vemula, a PhD student at the University of Hyderabad, committed suicide after being suspended for “raising issues”. The death sparked a movement, perhaps the most important... Read more »

Saluting lesser-known voices

Jan 17 The decriminalisation of section 377 of the Indian Penal Code was a watershed moment for the LGBTQ community last year. To commemorate it and look at the movement from a... Read more »

The feminist knitting circle in India upending patriarchal norms

Uttarakhand, India, Jan 16 When seven women in the remote mountain village of Ranikhet first met Mala Srikanth, they stood with their heads down. Srikanth was a divorcee, retired doctor, ex-military, single mother of two daughters – and... Read more »

Why India’s Lower Castes Could Hold Key to Election

Jan 16 For generations of Indians, the ancient caste system has defined boundaries for everything from family ties and cultural traditions to educational and economic opportunities. Despite reform efforts, deep-rooted prejudices and... Read more »

Need Proportional representation at all level to democratize Indian power structure

The quota bill providing 10%  reservation for the ‘general’ category of people has been passed by the Rajya Sabha yesterday with opposition parties like Congress, Samajwadi Party, AAP and left parties .... Read more »

Of Dalit activism, a Bastar tribe and revolutions in business and brands

New Delhi, Jan 11  Add an element of revolution to your bookshelf with a compelling autobiography of a Dalit activist from Maharashtra; an account of the lives of Bastar’s Abujhmadias, a primitive... Read more »

Women farmers ‘articulations on land, debts, suicides at massive farmers’ rally in Delhi

By Ashalatha, Usha Seethalakshmi, Seema Kulkarni Dec. 21 The recent kisan rally, held on November 29-30 at Delhi, saw sizable number of women representing various organizations, and also various sections such as... Read more »

British scriptwriter makes a film on Chithralekha’s life

Kannur, Dec.20 We know many strong women around us. But Chithralekha, a dalit woman who is working as autorickshaw driver in Payannur turned special among all strong women. Bringing surprise to Keralites,... Read more »

Art festival at TISS celebrates the colours of Bahujan resistance

The Mumbai campus of Tata Institute of Social Sciences was abuzz with the colours of Bahujan Art the past weekend as students came together to celebrate the Bahujan Arts Festival. Around 30... Read more »

With Digital Dalit asserting herself politically, Kanshiram finds an audience

A new feature film on the life of Bahujan Samaj Party founder Kanshiram was recently released on several YouTube channels simultaneously. In less than 48 hours, the movie has been watched by more than 2 lakh viewers. Shambhu Kumar... Read more »

New Dalit is facing the old structures of violence and repression

Dec. 07  It was appalling to see a recent video from Maharashtra where a police officer is seen purportedly expressing her deep-seated distaste for the Dalit community and how she derives some sort of vengeful satisfaction from inflicting violence on... Read more »

BSP pitches for Mayawati as PM, says Dalits, minorities and women will rejoice

Dec. 6 A state which sends the highest number of MPs (80) to the Lok Sabha and has given nine of the 14 Prime Ministers India has had, it is no wonder... Read more »

Constitution Awareness Campaign: A case from South-Western Odisha, the ground for Dalit Movement

By Jadumani Mahanand This is in continuation to my previous piece on “Only Manuwadi Hindutva gang can burn Indian Constitution”. This short write-up takes a case from South-Western Odisha to explicate Constitution Awareness... Read more »

UN chief appeals for end to Yemen war, outlines next steps

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Friday appealed for an end to the war in Yemen and laid out steps the parties in the conflict must take to move forward, warning that continued... Read more »