Amidst COVID-19, hope and harmony unites castes in villages in Punjab

Upper-caste villagers have become kinder, less stringent about caste divisions and more generous to the Dalits, said Daljit Singh, 40, a resident of Hirewala village in Mansa district in southern Punjab bordering... Read more »

Manipur villagers turn saviours for lockdown-hit people

“This act of Konsakhul villagers in this difficult situation where people struggle to find food items is worthy of appreciation. The villagers of Konsakhul village are also not differentiating between any communities,... Read more »

Telangana mom rides 1,400 km on scooty to bring back son

Someone who had never stepped out of the town on scooty, she succeeded reaching Rehmatabad the next day with the help of Google maps and locals along 700-km. Hyderabad, April 10 (IANS)... Read more »

Tribal communities join battle against coronavirus

Livelihood of people belonging to Jharkhand’s Baiga and Birhor tribal communities depends upon hunting and selling partridges and rabbits, but it came to a grinding halt after a three-week lockdown was imposed... Read more »

Good samaritans come to the rescue of needy in Tripura

In the aftermath of the nationwide lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 54 tea estates along with thousands of small tea gardens in Tripura had shut down operations leaving over 25,000... Read more »

Unlocking hope in the face of a lockdown

Scores come everyday to see Aasif, and his team of volunteers who call themselves the Miles2Smile team, in the hope that they will get rations, medicine or even a loan to pay... Read more »

Adivasi scholar and activist Abhay Xaxa passes away

In Xaxa’s passing, SabrangIndia and Citizens for Justice and Peace, have lost a dear friend. Source: Noted Adivasi rights activist Abhay Xaxa is no more. The 37-year-old research scholar from Jawaharlal... Read more »

Bhudevi a shining example of women’s empowerment

Hailing from Srikakulam district and belonging to Savara tribe, she helped many tribal women in developing entrepreneurship Visakhapatnam, March 8 (IANS) Padala Bhudevi, who received the “Nari Shakti Puraskar” from President Ram... Read more »

“Visit My Masjid” Programme gets a warm response in Tamil Nadu

It was for the first time a mosque’s door was opened to people belonging to different faiths. More than 400 non-Muslim brothers and sisters visited Masjid-e-Khaderpet under the “Visit My Masjid” programme.... Read more »

First ever ‘The Meghalayan Age’ fest off to a colourful start

Meghalaya Tourism and E Factor is all set to showcase its natural and adventurous wares to the world with the first edition of ‘The Meghalayan Age’ festival. The festival is scheduled for... Read more »

To tribals, forest conservation doesn’t require felling of trees, or plantation- regeneration

Excerpt from the Oxfam India report “We Belong to the Forest”, a compilation of 14 case studies from the central eastern tribal states of Chhattisgarh, Odisha and Jharkhand in an attempt to... Read more »

Catholic Bishops take exception to ‘narrow, divisive’ nationalism based false ideloogiies

Source: The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of India, which met for its XXXIV plenary assembly, at the St John’s National Academy of Health Sciences, Bengaluru, on February 13-19, 2020, has, in a... Read more »

Coming out as Dalit: how one Indian author finally embraced her identity

Source: Her mother, Shashi, was so determined to protect her three children from the discrimination of the Hindu caste system that relegates Dalits to the periphery of society that she pretended... Read more »

Modi building wall to prevent Trump’s pure white eyes from ‘impure’ brown squalor

Source: In a strongly-worded statement, a civil rights organization, the National Coalition for Inclusive and Sustainable Urbanization (NCU), even as condemning US President Donald Trump’s forthcoming India visit, referring to the... Read more »

20th edition of ‘Hunar Haat’ begins in Delhi

New Delhi, Feb 13 (IANS) The 20th edition of the ‘Hunar Haat’ was inaugurated at the India Gate lawns here on Thursday. The 10-day event, based on the theme of “Kaushal Ka... Read more »

47 differently-abled couples wed in Rajasthan

Jaipur, Feb 10 (IANS) A total of 47 differently-abled, underprivileged couple tied the nuptial knot at a mass wedding ceremony in Rajasthan’s Udaipur district. The ceremony was organised on Sunday by Narayan... Read more »

Divided by class and privilege, but united by compassion and patriotism

Source: Dr. Aurobindo Ghose and Gurjeet Kaur The moment we saw on Facebook on January 25, 2020, the happy photograph of two elderly women together at the iconic site of women’s... Read more »

After Nagaland, now Tripura to hold ‘Hornbill Festival’

By Sujit Chakraborty Agartala, Feb 6 (IANS) Taking a cue from Nagaland’s world famous annual Hornbill Festival, Tripura government for the first time to hold two-day Hornbill Festival with twin goal –... Read more »

How Constitutional right to primary education became reality in a dark Kolkata slum

Source: By Moin Qazi The present-day education reformers believe that schools are broken and market solutions are the only remedy. Many of them embrace disruptive innovations, primarily through online learning. There... Read more »

Women are on the front-lines

Source: Prominent feminists write open letter to the Prime Minister demanding that he rein in his party men who have repeatedly made derogatory remarks and threats against women protesters In wake... Read more »