New Dalit is facing the old structures of violence and repression

Dec. 07  It was appalling to see a recent video from Maharashtra where a police officer is seen purportedly expressing her deep-seated distaste for the Dalit community and how she derives some sort of vengeful satisfaction from inflicting violence on... Read more »

BSP pitches for Mayawati as PM, says Dalits, minorities and women will rejoice

Dec. 6 A state which sends the highest number of MPs (80) to the Lok Sabha and has given nine of the 14 Prime Ministers India has had, it is no wonder... Read more »

Constitution Awareness Campaign: A case from South-Western Odisha, the ground for Dalit Movement

By Jadumani Mahanand This is in continuation to my previous piece on “Only Manuwadi Hindutva gang can burn Indian Constitution”. This short write-up takes a case from South-Western Odisha to explicate Constitution Awareness... Read more »

UN chief appeals for end to Yemen war, outlines next steps

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Friday appealed for an end to the war in Yemen and laid out steps the parties in the conflict must take to move forward, warning that continued... Read more »

Anger, dismay as Indonesia says search for quake victims to end

Relatives of hundreds of people missing after an earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia reacted with anger, sadness and resignation on Sunday to a decision by the state disaster agency to end searches... Read more »

Rohingya Massacres: U.S State Department Posts Report As UN Agency Formed To Assist ICC

Very quietly, without fanfare, in a story that went by almost unnoticed, the U.S. State Department website posted a report this week on the Rohingya massacres and atrocities.  Based on a survey, for which... Read more »

Red flags raised as global pact to improve the world hits 3rd year

Many countries will fail to end hunger, educate all children or offer better lives to stem migration by 2030 without major world efforts to achieve a set of global goals that marked... Read more »

No women, no progress, development experts warn

Gender inequality is one of the greatest barriers to human development progress, U.N. officials said as they launched an index on Friday showing the countries making the biggest strides and those falling... Read more »

Yemen peace talks collapse in Geneva after Houthi no-show

An attempt to hold peace talks for Yemen was abandoned on Saturday after three days of waiting for the Houthi movement’s delegation, but the United Nations envoy vowed to press ahead with... Read more »

Long reach of U.S. sanctions hits Syria reconstruction

As Syrian President Bashar al-Assad attempts to turn military success into postwar reconstruction, Western sanctions are a major obstacle that could scare off foreign companies. Syria has suffered immense physical destruction, while... Read more »