Strengthening artisan clusters across India

By Siddhi Jain As a young girl, Assam’s artisan entrepreneur Nabanita Kalita saw her mother, grandmother and aunts spend hours on the handloom weaving beautiful Mekhela Chador and Ghamosas and other textiles... Read more »

Orphanages and old-age homes to get refurbished hotel soaps

“One more challenging project involves providing vocational training and employment opportunities for academically weak village girls. Our ultimate objective is to undertake activities that help uplift the community in which we operate;... Read more »

Dharavi’s rap on Covid’s knuckles

In the anthem, now streaming on TDDP’s social media platforms, the rappers narrate their own personal journeys while offering hope, reassurance, confidence and vanquishing the worry that beating COVID-19 is impossible. Now... Read more »

Designer Gaurang Shah “Sustainability is providing weavers with continuos work”

By Puja Gupta Designer Gaurang Shah, who is known for his exquisite handcrafted jamdani masterpieces and signature sarees, was previously against the idea of selling his creations online. Reason? He never wanted... Read more »

Himachal tribal women protest Covid ‘violation’ by minister

BY VISHAL GULATI Tribal women settled in tiny hamlets spread over Himalayan peaks of the picturesque Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh, it seems, are no more immune to apathy by the state’s... Read more »

Differently – abled shows the way to self-reliance

Apart from this, Santosh also runs a school named Kiran Disabled Social Welfare Institute to educate the disabled and poor children. In this, about 40 to 50 children are being educated currently.... Read more »

Tripura HC takes suo-motu cognisance of trafficking and abuse of 14 year old girl

By Sujit Chakraborty The Tripura High Court has taken suo-motu cognisance of the media report on the sale of a poverty-stricken 14-year-old girl into marriage to a man in Rajasthan and now... Read more »

Rs 200 crore fundraiser for children launched by Rotary Club

Rotary India and Rotary Club of Bombay have committed resources and effort across different platforms to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic with a major focus on children. By IANSlife... Read more »

Music transcending genres

By Puja Gupta “Collaboration brings communities together along with their cultural nuances, musical instruments and genres. It blurs the dividing line and creates something out of the ordinary,” says singer and songwriter... Read more »

Amid joy and sorrow, Maha tribal girl weds week after dad’s suicide

For, exactly a week ago on May 27, the girl’s distraught father had committed suicide – 24 hours before his daughter’s planned marriage on May 28. By Quaid Najmi Hundreds of people... Read more »

Migrant workers priority to reach home – Will they ever return?

“We are getting very less salary and the landlords in whose home we resided here didn’t waive the rent. So that is the reason why I am going back to my native... Read more »

81 year old Sikh Guru feeds 2 mn people on National Highway-7

A regular ‘langar’ for years, it was only from the March 24 lockdown that it became a saviour for thousands of hungry people including stranded migrants, travelers, truckers and villagers. By Quaid... Read more »

When migrants fight for a packet of food: Migrant disaster in pics by Mahesh Bhat

Samyuktha tells me that there are few toilets for thousands of people. When I was looking at the sea of humanity and their outstretched hands for food, I was reminded of the... Read more »

Shramik Special trains see tragedy of dead and joy of new live

A woman traveling back to her native place by Shramik Special train, on Thursday, gave birth to a baby girl, railway officials said. By Anand Singh  Patna, May 28 (IANS) A woman... Read more »

Man converts dhaba into langar for returning migrant labourers

The owner of the dhaba in Majhanpura village near Manjhi has locked the cash counter for the people eating here after the lockdown. Singh told IANS: “I get self-satisfaction by doing this.... Read more »

Man pedals 1,350 km to reach home

Mandal a resident of Malda district of West Bengal, was thrown out of his job as a motor mechanic by his employer in a New Delhi garage. When lockdown was imposed he... Read more »

Special trains keep railway employees busy in Mumbai

“It’s difficult but its a good thing because there are lakhs of migrants who want to go back home. You see them and you know how desperate they are. The government might... Read more »

Tribal families earning livelihood through leaves

Urmila Devi of Bozhi village of Borrio block of Sahibganj district in Jharkhand along with members of her family and other villagers walks for nearly two and a half kilometres to the... Read more »

Cinema — community-wise…

Even as his films made in Punjabi, Haryanvi and Pahari continue to travel to Canada, France, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Netherlands, England, America and Greece, the director whose cinema focusses on subjects... Read more »

A summer of discontent for these potter brothers

“The summer seems to be passing off silently without giving us any return,” says Siyaram Prajapati, one of the two brothers, with a heavy voice. He says he and his brother have... Read more »