After finishing his duty this Delhi Police constable teaches poor children

BY MOHD SUAIB   Concerned about the education of poor children, Delhi Police constable Than Singh has set up a school in a temple behind the Red Fort. He starts his classes at... Read more »

21-year-old turns Good Samaritan for teaching children in her village

By Naba Kishor Pujari At the height of the pandemic, Dileswari Dharua, a 21-year-old intermediate college student from Balangir district hails as a Good Samaritan for her dedication in teaching the academically low... Read more »

Chhattisgarh tribal girls train hard on helipad, eye hockey fame

BY RAJNISH SINGH  A band of nine gutsy teenage girls who slogged for months on a helipad in Maoist-hit Chhattisgarh to learn how to play hockey are now poised to showcase their... Read more »

Two girls stepped up to teach tribal kids

By Naba Kishor Pujari Two girls from the tribal-dominated Jhimaghia village of Kandhamal districts have stepped up to teach tribal kids when they saw that children of the village are deprived of education... Read more »

A book that calls for identifying the enemies within our democracy

The purpose of these so-called writers, thinkers, and influencers is to show India in a poor light as a country that does not have the respect for human rights, a government that... Read more »

Leading positive nutritional change in country’s hinterland

BY SIDDHI JAIN  When Bihar’s Kurmaha village-based Lalmati Devi, a rural labourer from an impoverished background, attended sessions on health and nutrition through a self-help group she’s associated with, what followed was... Read more »

Quality of govt schools is so poor that giving more govt scholarships will do little for Muslims or any other community

BY FRANK F. ISLAM  Eminent columnist Swaminathan A. Aiyar called upon Wakf boards and wealthy Muslims to finance the development of “a string of world-class education institutions” that would attract foreign students... Read more »

Silences of the abandoned

BY SUKANT DEEPAK   She captures frames of the greatest migration since Partition, but what strikes is not the movement, but in fact an uncomfortable stillness — not just of the people but... Read more »

A frame of change

BY SUKANT DEEPAK  Believing that thousands of stories happen around us at all times and great documentaries are the ones that capture and explore the most compelling tales, characters and ideas —... Read more »

Child care and protection of their rights everyone’s responsibility

By IANSlife The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a huge toll on the humanity, and over the last few months, we’ve been witnessing its effects on multiple levels. While our attention has zeroed... Read more »

Strengthening artisan clusters across India

By Siddhi Jain As a young girl, Assam’s artisan entrepreneur Nabanita Kalita saw her mother, grandmother and aunts spend hours on the handloom weaving beautiful Mekhela Chador and Ghamosas and other textiles... Read more »

Orphanages and old-age homes to get refurbished hotel soaps

“One more challenging project involves providing vocational training and employment opportunities for academically weak village girls. Our ultimate objective is to undertake activities that help uplift the community in which we operate;... Read more »

Dharavi’s rap on Covid’s knuckles

In the anthem, now streaming on TDDP’s social media platforms, the rappers narrate their own personal journeys while offering hope, reassurance, confidence and vanquishing the worry that beating COVID-19 is impossible. Now... Read more »

Designer Gaurang Shah “Sustainability is providing weavers with continuos work”

By Puja Gupta Designer Gaurang Shah, who is known for his exquisite handcrafted jamdani masterpieces and signature sarees, was previously against the idea of selling his creations online. Reason? He never wanted... Read more »

Himachal tribal women protest Covid ‘violation’ by minister

BY VISHAL GULATI Tribal women settled in tiny hamlets spread over Himalayan peaks of the picturesque Spiti Valley of Himachal Pradesh, it seems, are no more immune to apathy by the state’s... Read more »

Differently – abled shows the way to self-reliance

Apart from this, Santosh also runs a school named Kiran Disabled Social Welfare Institute to educate the disabled and poor children. In this, about 40 to 50 children are being educated currently.... Read more »

Tripura HC takes suo-motu cognisance of trafficking and abuse of 14 year old girl

By Sujit Chakraborty The Tripura High Court has taken suo-motu cognisance of the media report on the sale of a poverty-stricken 14-year-old girl into marriage to a man in Rajasthan and now... Read more »

Rs 200 crore fundraiser for children launched by Rotary Club

Rotary India and Rotary Club of Bombay have committed resources and effort across different platforms to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic with a major focus on children. By IANSlife... Read more »

Music transcending genres

By Puja Gupta “Collaboration brings communities together along with their cultural nuances, musical instruments and genres. It blurs the dividing line and creates something out of the ordinary,” says singer and songwriter... Read more »

Amid joy and sorrow, Maha tribal girl weds week after dad’s suicide

For, exactly a week ago on May 27, the girl’s distraught father had committed suicide – 24 hours before his daughter’s planned marriage on May 28. By Quaid Najmi Hundreds of people... Read more »