Why has the BJP abandoned Sushma Swaraj?

by Amulya Ganguli There may be an explanation for the deafening silence of the prime minister and other ministers (except Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh who has courageously broken ranks) over the... Read more »

Crisis of confidence in banking system provides an opportunity to unleash reforms

By Amit Kapoor & Chirag Yadav India’s banking sector has been hogging the headlines for all the wrong reasons. It started with the mounting problem of non-performing assets (NPAs) across banks; then... Read more »

Meaning of latest turn in Kashmir lies outside the state

By Saeed Naqvi Two policemen leading the mob which ultimately lynched a Muslim in Hapur is, of course, part of familiar communalism which has to be revved upon to a higher pitch... Read more »

Is Indian Democracy Dying?

– Dr Arshad M Khan The prominent journalist and editor, Shujaat Bukhari was leaving work when he and his two bodyguards were shot and killed. Suffice to say newspapers are the lifeblood... Read more »

Credibility crisis of India’s higher institutions

The Credibility of India’s top institutions has lately suffered affecting governance and democracy in the country. Its  strong indication came in the form of the impeachment motion against the chief justiceof India... Read more »

India changed in the 1990s and the cultural milieu changed with it

The cities of Bombay (Mumbai), Madras (Chennai) and Calcutta (Kolkata) had deep cultural roots and urbanised commerce and industry even during the colonial period, possibly because a diversified and robust economy is... Read more »

Lessons from Karnataka: Bank on social issues, leverage traditional and modern media platforms

The drama revolving around the Karnataka state elections refuses to fade away. The assembly election results were not able to provide a clear mandate to any party. The BJP emerged as the... Read more »

Policy clarity needed to allay fears over privatisation

Public opinion on privatisation ranges from proponents who say it increases efficiency to opponents to fear it will lead to higher charges. As we evaluate potential policies regarding privatisation in India, it... Read more »

Global perception of India has taken a beating (Shifting Sands of Culture series)

For a decade and a half now I’ve been a tireless advocate of India’s soft power, arguing that in the information age, it is not the side with the bigger army that... Read more »