Why does the ruling party stop students from asking questions?

Feb 13, It is disturbing how the ruling government wants University campuses to remain ‘apolitical’ by using promoting and encouraging jingoism, irrationality and toxic Hindutva ideology. The entire student gathering benefits if Akhilesh... Read more »

What’s happening in Bengal is not politics, its business as usual

By Vidya Bhushan Rawat Feb 06, I am not a fan of Mamata Banerjee’s rhetorical politics nor do I believe that BJP can’t gain in West Bengal. The problem in India is that... Read more »

Did The Cheque Bounce For Dalit Women In The Interim Union Budget 2019?

By Asha Kowtal Feb 02 None of us had to wait for Piyush Goyal’s Interim Union Budget 2019 to realise that cow welfare was more important than protecting the rights of Dalit... Read more »

Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika fails Dalit warrior Jhalkaribai with 5 min role and ‘item’ song

Feb 01 The recently released film Manikarnika, a grand ‘tribute’ to the warriors of the Battle of Jhansi, reduces Dalit freedom icon Jhalkaribai Kori to an item number and a mere footnote in... Read more »

We need to return to Gandhian art of dialogue

By Anil K. Rajvanshi Jan 28 The nation will, on January 30, observe Mahatma Gandhis death anniversary. This is also the year that we are celebrating Gandhi’s 150th birth anniversary. We should... Read more »

Upper caste quota violates basic tenet of reservations

By Nivedita Singh and Somrita Ghosh New Delhi, Jan 10 The Constitutional amendment bill creating 10 per cent quota for economically backward sections in the general category is only for the “privileged... Read more »

The Fourth World of the untouchables

By Suraj Yengde Being a Dalit means being in permanent isolation, stuck in the dark chambers of one’s uncharted fears. The Dalit is that stubbornness that the Hindu ideology has adamantly maintained... Read more »

When a Hindu got caught in the Bulandshahr cow slaughter crossfire

Violence continues to be instigated and orchestrated in the name of religious sentiments and emotions in India. Be it after the demolition of Babri Masjid (1992,) Godhra train burning and subsequent riots... Read more »

BJP lost the Hindi, Hindu, Hindustan states

ajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh are no ordinary states. These states are very important in the larger scheme of things for the BJP-RSS. In the last two decades, these states have seen several BJP governments – BJP ruled Madhya Pradesh... Read more »

Lynching: Casteist, Communal and Fascist Tool of Violence in India

By Dr. Y. Srinivasa Rao Violence has always been a tool of oppression, suppression and subordination. Though every form of violence is illegal according to the law of the land, dominant social forces... Read more »