Gandhiji’s ideology an impediment to national security

BY UDAY MAHURKAR It is very clear that Gandhiji’s contribution has brought immense dividends to India on the international stage. On the national platform, his model of social service and Swadeshi, his... Read more »

A delusion that our lives were better during the Cold War? – Saeed Naqvi

BY SAEED NAQVI Pictures of unrelieved despair everywhere on TV and, that too, in the course of an extended house arrest (lockdown), does leave one, to use Faiz’s words, with “pain where... Read more »

Everything could have been done differently, better

During this lock-down we had the economic crisis, the migrant crisis, the trains fiasco, the ventilator “scam”, the deaths and the recoveries. Darshan Mondkar The Lock-down 4.0 is about to come to... Read more »

But you have remained blind with eyes… until you got screwed yourself

Now that your jobs are about to disappear, your EMI’s are looming on your head, you won’t be able to afford to pay 2,00,000 per year as your child’s school fees, your... Read more »

Under cover of covid-19, is MP, UP implementing agenda of donors?

The move in India isn’t an isolated case, but an example of Right Wing parties taking advantage of the pandemic to push through their agenda across the world. By Alok Jagdhari &... Read more »

Lockdown has seriously affected livelihood options for migrant workers and daily wage earners

Why no ‘pompous sounding’ Vande Bharat programmes for stranded migrant workers? Source: By Vijaya Ramachandran, Sandeep Pandey Lockdown in the wake of coronavirus threat has seriously affected the livelihood options for... Read more »

How does India’s recent stimulus package compare with other countries?

However, there has not been much discussions on these reforms because everyone was focused on the details of Rs 20 lakh crore and how much of the stimulus is given to a... Read more »

NREGA remained a distant dream, even 14 years after its inception

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s infamous and rather cocky statement on the floor of Parliament in 2015 about NREGA being a monumental failure of the Congress regime was a political jibe, but it... Read more »

Lock-down being used by government to do its dirty deeds – John Dayal

The  suspension of civil society and the media in the Covid Lock-down is just the environment the political dispensation and the police have been praying for, it seems. Without let and without... Read more »

When It Comes to Dalit and Tribal Rights, the Judiciary in India Just Does Not Get It

The judges of the apex court must sit down and decide collectively: whether they want the Supreme Court of India to be known in history as a socially regressive institution like the... Read more »

COVID-19 crisis – The glaring socio-economic cultural chasm is still the reality of India

 “The world is at your doorstep, but please do not step out.” This time of lockdown has brought out the fractures and real fissures in our social setup Source: By Dr... Read more »

Erroneous believe of SC expressed concern of reservation list

Moreover, getting a government job does not guarantee that a dalit is free from caste-based discrimination. Many times discrimination and harassment begin in multiple new forms after getting a government job, which,... Read more »

How are weavers coping with the lockdown?

Over sixty percent handloom weavers are Dalit, tribals or belong to other marginalised communities. And 17 percent come from Muslim community. Almost 90 percent live in rural areas. Source: The Quint “More... Read more »

New frontiers of Intelligence

On the home front, the Corona pandemic has added to the burden of keeping track of events that could deepen the internal divides in India and in particular aggravate the Hindu-Muslim tensions.... Read more »

Modi ‘fails to address’ concerns of crores of poor

The government made this sudden step of lockdown without any notice and time frame for the working people, the migrants who lost their jobs and livelihood, the students from different states, or... Read more »

Why soft Hindutva, ‘opportunistic’ electoral alliance can’t replace Hindutva fascism

The social fascism emanating from Brahminism within exploitative Hindu caste order continues to be the foundation of propertied class that controls the state and political apparatus of the government. Source: By... Read more »

Equality Is UnIndian: How To Make It Indian Is The Question

Source: By Kancha Ilaiah Shepherd  In my village in my childhood and now there was/is one common practice. Each occupation is performed by a single community. Each community has its own name.... Read more »

Congress and BJP: How different are their attitudes towards Muslims?

BY SAEED NAQVI If Indira Gandhi had won the 1977 general elections, it would have been a popular endorsement of her Emergency regime. Why would Narendra Modi’s return after the elections be... Read more »

The mistakes which Rahul has made

BY AMULYA GANGULI  April 27 (IANS) Although the latest poll surveys suggest that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) may not be able to get a majority of its own in the ongoing... Read more »

Phase 3 of UP elections: Litmus test for SP-BSP Alliance

Source: By Sushmita April 23, As ten constituencies of Uttar Pradesh (UP) vote on April 23, in the third phase of Lok Sabha polls of 2019, political observers see this round as... Read more »