Migrants in Bihar “Hunger and unemployment will kill us, if not the coronavirus”

Down to Earth had reported that the PM’s announcement of the PM Garib Kalyan Rojgar Yojana from Bihar was nothing but a poll tactic. As per the scheme, migrant workers are set... Read more »

Progressive states like Odisha are beacons of hope for migrant population

In spite of limited resources and apathy of the Central government, the state and government in Odisha is making remarkable progress under the leadership of Chief Minister Mr Naveen Patnaik. He worked... Read more »

The Indigenous Collective issues statement in support of protest against race and caste discrimination

During his work with Adivasis for the last two-and-a-half decades, mainly in Gujarat, well-known linguist and activist Ganesh Devy found it necessary to form a network of the indigenous peoples from all continents... Read more »

Kathmandu Triennale: From poets to Shamans

Focussing on ideas and movements that have been marginalised both within Nepal and globally, including discourses of decolonisation, migration and displacement, indigenous knowledge, queer rights, feminism, and alternative world views, the Kathmandu... Read more »

Can Humanism Survive the Onslaught of Hate?

These hate mongers, operating through powerful medium of TV, and widespread social media which also has resorted to Fake news has intensified the Hate against religious minority. In this vast phenomenon, it... Read more »

A computer game spotlights inequality in India

The “Survive COVID” game brings to life the pandemic’s impact on poor families in India as the character tries to avoid infection while she keeps the household fed and safe, with no savings... Read more »

States should replicate Kerala model to ’empower’ rural poor

Investment in rural health, educational, sports and recreational infrastructure can help in reducing rural to urban migration. It can reduce the pressure on urban infrastructure. Investment in irrigation, electricity, rural infrastructure, seed... Read more »

Why should the poor do taapasya and consider suffering their tyaag?

The nation does not need a lesson on how to deal with its problems using religion. There are enough men of the cloth to help them with that. The nation needs the... Read more »

Authorities’ ‘class bias’ hits migrant labourers

Further, it adds, “Receiving states are disowning their own people, making them stateless, treating them like unauthorised refugees and pushing them into untold misery, widespread hunger and forced labour”, with Uttar Pradesh... Read more »

Shashi Tharoor “Aarogya Setu will play into an unfolding narrative of greater governmental control”

A number of my foreign friends were concerned about the communally-charged atmosphere in the country, especially involving demonisation of the Muslim community. Otherwise the thaali/taali/diya call attracted neither adverse comment nor praise.... Read more »

Kerala working towards near self-sufficiency in agriculture

Our new plan, which will be announced shortly, will be an integrated plan wherein other departments like Animal Husbandry, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and Fisheries are also drawn into it. By... Read more »

Despite April 2020 circular Chief Labour Commissioner has no data of stranded migrants

The Office of the Chief Labour Commissioner (CLC) under the Union Ministry of Labour and Employment claims, it does not have State-wise and district-wise data despite the CLC directing the Regional Heads based... Read more »

Biographer Vasanthi “Karunanidhi a visionary and a reformist pushing for social justice”

“Karunanidhi has been part of this success story to a great extent. He was at the forefront of important social justice movement welfare schemes, a champion of state Dravidian identity, language and... Read more »

COVID-19 crisis – The glaring socio-economic cultural chasm is still the reality of India

 “The world is at your doorstep, but please do not step out.” This time of lockdown has brought out the fractures and real fissures in our social setup Source: Countercurrents.org By Dr... Read more »

A 34-member Ludhiana family got stuck in Ajmer

Stuck inside the hall of a hotel in the holy city of Rajasthan, all they want now is to return to their homes in Ludhiana. Fed up of the daily blues, this... Read more »

The mistakes which Rahul has made

BY AMULYA GANGULI  April 27 (IANS) Although the latest poll surveys suggest that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) may not be able to get a majority of its own in the ongoing... Read more »

Is AMU “anti-national”? Those who say so don’t know its history

Feb 19, Normalcy at the historic Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) is yet to be restored. Like yours, my heart also trembles at the latest bolt of lightning that has struck AMU. Around... Read more »

Citizenship Bill protest: Imphal civil society groups call for 36-hour shut down

Imphal, Feb 11, A 36-hour shutdown or Imphal Bandh was called for in Manipur by Peoples’ Alliance Manipur (PAM), an umbrella body of civil society organizations on Monday, to protest the Citizenship... Read more »

Bihar boy’s jaw broken for plucking plums

Patna, Jan 18  A seven-year-old boy was beaten, his jaw was broken and six of his teeth were knocked out as punishment for plucking some plums from a tree in Bihar’s Muzaffarpur... Read more »

19 Indian human rights defenders killed in 2018

Jan 17 A new report, “Front Line Defenders Global Analysis 2018”, has noted that as many as 19 human rights defenders (HRDs) were killed across India last year, which is the sixth... Read more »