Assam: Close to 500 families or more, all Muslim, evicted


GUWAHATI: As many as 426 Muslim families, totaling 1800 persons have been evicted from their houses in Chotia assembly constituency of district Bishwanath of Assam, arbitrarily without following due process, since December 6. Their houses have been demolished by the administration. Tragically, all these families having their names in the National Register of Citizens(NRC), a proof of being genuine Indian citizens in Assam, now no roof over their heads in this chilly winter, nor food. They also don’t have warm clothes to protect themselves from cold weather. CJP’s Team Assam has been at the forefront of collecting and distributing blankets and other aid to the evicted. The pictures below show the activities of CJP’s Team Assam. So far there has been scant media coverage due to the internet shutdown in Guwahati and other parts of the state owing to anti-CAA agitation all over the state.

Sabrangindia exclusively covered the Assam government’s new land policy which aims to “evict” without due process hundreds of thousands Bengali Hindus and Muslims. Tabled in the Assam Assembly on November 28, 2019, discussion on it was deferred after the opposition raised serious questions on the discriminatory move. Though the speaker of Assam Assembly Mr. Hitendra Nath Goswami issued a ruling in the Assembly stating that the new land policy will be implemented only after proper discussion (during the January-February 2020 session) the state Government has begun this controversial policy of eviction in various parts of the state with scant regard for legal niceties.

Currently, all the evicted families live in tent filled camps with meagre facilities in the bitter cold of winter.


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