3 Dalit youths beaten naked on allegations of theft

As crime cases continue to rise in Uttar Pradesh, the case that has come to light reflects the law and order of the Uttar Pradesh Police. Three Dalit youths were naked and publicly beaten up for allegedly stealing from a stationery shop in the case from Jaunpur. Locals said two youths were allegedly caught red-handed by the owner while the third accused was picked up from his house while vandalizing the shop late Saturday night.

The three young men were stripped and beaten with kicks, poles and belts. This is another incident in the state when the mob took over the law. The video of the incident has gone viral and reached out to the police. Police say they are investigating the case.

In another similar incident, a Dalit man was killed by a ‘high caste’ man in a pit pit to steal mangoes from the garden. The victim was identified as 30-year-old Bikki Srinivas. Tension has risen in the village since the man’s death.


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